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Thanks for your tools and data in DINED.
Is there any possibility to use your anthropometric data or tools in a dynamic analysis like pedaling in cycling? Or the bike fitting process?
I read something about 4D data, but it didn’t mention anything to use.

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Dynamic analyses are on our roadmap. We plan to include 4D data for a variety of motions. We have 4D scanning infrastructure at our faculty to capture the full 3D body during motion.

For now, it is however already possible to do motion analyses with the current DINED Mannequin. You would first need to extend the downloaded STL models with an animation skeleton, e.g. by using Mixamo. Once you have the articulating model available, then you can animate the body in software like Maya or Blender. By in that way using multiple body sizes you can get a good idea of the sizing requirements for the dynamic product. See here for a quick tutorial on making Mannequins articulating: Animating DINED Mannequins with Mixamo

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As an example, hereby the result of animating a body for typical surfing motions and analysing the effect of the motion on the stretching of a digital wetsuit prototype (simulated with CLO3D):

Staal, T., Huysmans, T., & Molenbroek, J. (Accepted/In press). A 3D Anthropometric Approach for Designing a Sizing System for Tight Fitting Garments. In P. Vink, & A. Naddeo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd International Comfort Congress

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Thanks for your information, and I appreciate it.

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