Animating DINED Mannequins with Mixamo

Hello, Mannequin users.

Hereby a quick note to show that you can use Mixamo to animate full body manikins that you download from the DINED Mannequin tool.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Download your manikins as STL from the Mannequin tool (in the toolbar on the top right);
  2. Convert the STLs to OBJs, e.g. via MeshLab;
  3. Launch Mixamo and create an account;
  4. Click the “Upload Character” button on the right side;
  5. Drag the OBJ of the manikin into the drop area;
  6. Follow the steps for automated rigging;
  7. Select your desired animation form the library;
  8. Export your manikin incl. animation as FBX;
  9. Import FBX in the animation software, e.g. Blender or Maya, or in a VR environment;
  10. Repeat from step 4 for other manikins.

Now go impress your friends! :wink: