Webinar on Anthropometry from HumanFactors.nl

Dear Users,

We had, in collaboration with HumanFactors.nl an exciting Webinar this spring on Anthropometry. For those interested, the video recording is available here, nicely split in the different presentations.


Anthropometrics and schoolfurniture; practical challenges in search of the optimal fit between child and chair
ir. Renate de Bruin, Erin Ergonomie en Industrieel Ontwerp.

DINED Mannequin
dr. Toon Huysmans, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, department of Human-Centered Design, Delft University of Technology

Motion capture
Felix Wolbert, Xsens

Antropometric and other kinds of data for fashion footwear
dr. Troy Nachtigall, professor of Fashion Research & Technology, Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Virtual fitting
prof.dr. Hein Daanen, Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam