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In DINED, in the category International, P5 Female Stature has a value of 1390 mm. In no other country from the list, the P5 Female Stature is below 1395 mm. So how are the International values calculated?
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Dear Estella
Yes it seems strange but I remember how it was estimated.
Prof Juergens from Kiel in Germany wrote with some co-authors in 1989 a booklet for ILO, the International Labour Organisations. Because from all 200 countries in the world only a few have publised their anthropomety. So he wanted to estimate where possible on the following way. I think still it was reasonable. He divided the world in 20 regions and asked one of his students to collect from each region anthropometry studies. So he came to values of P5 and P95 from 19 body dimensions frequently needed for furniture design. In that booklet all it resulted in 20 tables with P5 and P95. But thereafter he did something extra. He made an estimation of the average value for the whole world by averaging the 20 regions. This resulted in a large standard deviation. If you then calculate P5 and P95 you get a little more extreme values . That is the consequence of estimating. You do this if there are no people measured . So use it with care. Ask me in detail what your want. I have 44 years of experience in estimating of anthropometric values;) kind regards Johan

the book (in German) from Juergens, International Anthropometric Data Atlas, ILO, 1989 , I referred to is downloadable on the following link!AssLCketK-Xr-3lPsq9anF95r7hp
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Where can I acquire the most up-to-date anthropometric data of the European population
(adults, children)?

It can be a paid database.

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Dear Klaudia
On DINED we have some international data but they are not recent.
I would advise you to ask or ask
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And here:

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