How to get percentile out of reach envelope


Is there a way for the tool reaching envelope (or other) to determine the percentile of the population for which a certain point is within reach?

Dear Steven.
See for example to the line that is drawn from the heel point to 75 degrees in the Reach Envelope Tool DINED. That is 75 radial and all the measuring point are normal distriubuted and characterized by a mean value and a standard deviation. Both are printed in the table on the left in the row 75. So you can calculate each percentiel you want on the 75 radial with that 2 paramenters or more easy make it visible by shifting the ball with the cursor. You will see that ball will change color to red (unreachable) into green(comfortable zone) or orange( easy ) . See also Formulas - 1D - How it works - DINED and use Z TABLE - Z TABLE .Does this help ? kind regards Johan


Thank you for the reply. However, my question is more specific.

I want to know for a specific point (ex somewhere between 60° and 75°) the percentile of the population for which that certain point is still reachable.

kind regards

Dear Steven
ok i understand: yes i give aan example : If I adjust the ball about in the middle radial between 60 en 75 and find the p95=203 and P5=173 just by adjusting the ball to the P95 curve and the P5 curve. Then I can calculate the sd= (P95-P5)/3,3=9 . So then we can calculate the percentile from each point on that radial. Example point 179cm distance from the heelpoint. This means for the percentile of this point: 188-179=9 cm. this means the z-value is 9/9=1. In the Z TABLE - Z TABLE we can find the percentage is 16 or in other words this point is P16. This is the old-fanishioned way of calculating percentiles that I had to learn 50 years ago. But if you are a milennial may be this is not so familiar for you. Just try it for other points. Good luck Johan