Hello I'm Johan Molenbroek

Let me introduce myself in this forum and why I started DINED.

I am semi-retired since 2016 but still work 1 day a week at IDE TUDelft

In 1978 I started as a scientific staff member at the same place. My task was to do research and lecture Physical Ergonomics (Anthropometry+Biomechanics). I specialised in anthropometry and received the assignment to provide students and staff in Industrial Design Engineering with anthropometric data and methods.

I learned that Industrial Designers don’t like statistics and anatomy. That was the reason to come with the first DINED-publication in 1982. It was a table with 3 percentiles(P5,P50 and P95) from 27 body dimensions from adult Dutch people focused at the design of work spaces and handtools. This table was used frequently by students in design and in lectures and in their examinations. Later it evoluated into a web-based digital tool and platform on www.dined.nl with the results of traditional 1D measurements of body dimensions on several samples from different populations. Apart from measurements there was always anthropometrical knowledge on estimations (what to do if it is not measured) and many links to other sources . Later more tools were included like Ellips for 2D considerations about correlation between body measurements and Profile about your own body dimension in relation to a reference sample and Reach envelopes.

My dissertation was published in 1994 and was devoted to evaluate the equations on DINED with 3 samples of body dimensions we measured ourselves with our team:

351 Children (aged 4-14) , 354 students(age 18-25) and 822(age 55-106) elderly. The dissertation Made to Measure (in Dutch Op Maat Gemaakt with an English summary) is available on DINED. Look for Other Sources https://www.dined.nl/en/how-it-works/more-sources . This location also includes dissertation of my colleagues in Physical Ergonomics and other selected books and websites

More about me is on https://www.tudelft.nl/io/over-io/personen/molenbroek-jfm/

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Welcome to the forum, Johan :wink:!