Hello, I am Laura Ahsmann, research assistant and recent graduate of IDE

Hello everybody,

I am Laura Ahsmann. I graduated earlier this year from the Master Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology. During my Master I tried to focus my orientation to human-product interaction, which includes a lot of (physical) ergonomics. Following additional courses such as Biomechanics (elective of the IDE Master), Special Topics in Sports Engineering (elective of the 3ME Master, which every student can follow) and Sports Science during my Minor abroad. During my studies, I have found DINED mostly useful in exploring measurement ranges and standard deviations related to my projects (which could be used in almost every project). I was surprised to find data about force exercise, which proved to be very useful. Throughout the years, the features and possibilities of DINED expanded and I am happy to currently be part of the Ergonomics team as an assistant researcher at the TU Delft. I am contributing mostly to the 3D databases by performing research with different 3D/4D scanning equipment. Besides that, I am using DINED tools in other projects related to ultra personalized products. I would be happy to chat with users with similar interests. Feel free to reach out!


Welcome to the Forum, Laura!