German and Chinese hand anthropometric data

We are doing a project for SenseGlove and we are planning to design the glove for a population ranging from P90 German male to P10 Chinese female. We do not have the data of the hand measurements of this population. Which is a reliable source to get this data?

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There is some data about Chinese hands in the following sources:

  1.; look under 1D for International and thereafter for South Chinese.
    There you will find a hand length and hand width.

  2. J. COURTNEY (1984) Hand anthropometry of Hong Kong Chinese females compared to other ethnic groups, Ergonomics, 27:11, 1169-1180, DOI: 10.1080/00140138408963598

  3. On this source are many hand anthropometry papers including from Asia

  1. There is also some data about hands in DIN33402 even subdivided in age (3-65) and sex. I used it extensively and used it as a basis for my own DINED.
    For this project Prof Dr HW Juergens measured (I mean a medical student that worked for him) 7000 people in the 70thies .

  2. There is a book on my bookshelve:
    Flugel,Greil und Sommer, Anthropologische Atlas, 1986 ;

  3. I found 2 more recent book about anthropometrics including hands :

  4. There is always a commercial solution : the company of the Digital Human Model called Human Solution( they produce DHM RAMSIS etc) has a lot of data , but that is probably not free of cost

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There exist also a hand modeling software, but I can’t remember the name. It was from Japan. If I remember I’ll post it.




Thanks Johan. That helped us get the required German anthropometric data.
Although, I couldn’t find the Chinese hand data except for HL and HB.
Also, as user testing is not possible in this situation, is there anywhere we could get hand models of specific percentiles to test the glove fit?

Thanks Toon. That would probably help us get the hand models. I will try it out.

Dear Sarah
I found another source about Chinese hands . There are more to find on ResearchGate.
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