COVID-19 Face Mask Sizing System Mannequins (XS, S, M, L, XL)

I have been getting several requests regarding representative mannequins for protective face mask development for the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, I have decided to make an example set of manikins for a sizing system (extra small / small / medium / large / extra large) available here for download. You can easily create other sizing systems using the DINED Mannequin tool. However, do not hesitate to start a discussion here on alternative sizing systems, e.g. taking nose prominence into account.

I’m using a simple five size system, define as:

Size min mean max
XS P01 P10 P20
S P20 P30 P40
M P40 P50 P60
L P60 P70 P80
XL P80 P90 P99

I have used as key measures Bigonial Breadth and Face Length. First let’s have a look at the percentile values of these key measures using the 1D Database Tool:

I entered these values in the Mannequin tool to get the corresponding 3D head shapes:

Note that the percentile values do not match perfectly since a 1mm step in the measure covers multiple subjects.

You could start the design of each size from the mean mannequins (e.g. P10), but then make sure to always test the size also on the boundaries of the size (e.g. P01 and P20).

Here you can find the STL-files of the P01, P10, …, P99 manikins: dropbox