Alternatives to Head Circumference Measurements in Preterm Infants

Hi all,

I need find a way to determine the head circumference of a preterm infant, with only the front and parts of the sides of the head visible.

A possible solution is finding one or more alternative measurements that correlate to the head circumference and are visible to the scanner (possibly some facial characteristics?).

As of yet, I have not been able to find any such alternatives.

Maybe anyone here can help me out?

Thank you for your time!

Dear Alex
I did a short analysis into some head dimensions with the purpose to try to find a high correlation with Head Circumference.
Below and on the right 3 examples . You can see the Head Depth (Front to back) has the highest correlation with the Head Circumference because that ellipse is the smallest.
If you do it yourself with our tool DINED ELLIPSE you can see the real correlation expressed with an R.
The data I used are from Lye Goto; she 3Dscanned 300 children from 0-7 years and will finish her dissertation about this data this year. Her publications are listed on her website under her picture

If you download the data from this analysis and enter them in EXCEL you can create a regeression equation if you want.
Hope this helps
kind regards

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In addition to Johan’s reply, there are a number of papers that study the correlation between craniofacial measurements in newborns, e.g.

Deng, Y. M., Yick, K. L., Kwok, Y. L., & Wong, S. C. (2011). Craniofacial measurements of full‐term neonates. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology .

Pankaj, S., Prabhakaran, K., & Kanchan, K. (2017). Craniofacial Anthropometric Measurement of Normal Full Term Newborns in Lower Hills of Himachal Pradesh. Int J Cur Res Rev| Vol , 9 (7), 23.

The following study appears to present growth curves for the head width and length, but I cannot find the full text:

Sivan, Y., Merlob, P., & Reisner, S. H. (1984). Head measurements in newborn infants. Journal of craniofacial genetics and developmental biology , 4 (4), 259-263.

This textbook may also contain relevant information:

Textbook of Craniofacial Growth