Hello. I'm Ikhwan from NIOSH Malaysia


  1. My name is Ikhwan
  2. I’m a researcher from NIOSH Malaysia
  3. We are currently doing researches on the anthropometric dimensions of Malaysian Working-Age Population
  4. We have developed an anthropometric grid to assist the measuring process
  5. We have about 4000 data of working-age Malaysian
  6. NIOSH Malaysia also have our own anthropomerist team
  7. I’m glad that I found DINED database, my manager was the one who recommended it to me. I like the new interface too =)

Hi Ikhwan,

A warm welcome to the DINED community. Glad to hear DINED was recommended to you. Feel free to share links to data or tools that you have available from NIOSH Malaysia.

We also invite you to share your data on our platform, with proper reference. This can be 1D summary statistics, 1D measurement data, or 3D scan data. For 3D scan data we do not share the original data but a derived statistical shape model, so there are no issues with privacy.

I hope you will find DINED useful for your work. If you have any questions, you can ask here.

Kind regards,



Hi guys

I would like to invite you guys to view our database: https://www.anthropometric.niosh.com.my/databases

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